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Be your Best!

Are you ready to take your company or team to the next level?  To ensure you’ve got all your bases covered in your role as a business owner, manager or supervisor, consider this one-hour check-up to ensure your ongoing success.  In this one-hour evaluation process you will gain clarity on your strengths and growth opportunities and leave with an outline of action steps to keep you moving forward.

Be a Better Boss
Coaching Program (6-months)  

Developing new skills, transforming mindsets and changing conditioned behavior takes time and ongoing practice.  Research shows that it takes at least 66 days to create a new habit, and between six months and a year to make new behaviors go from our conscious awareness to a way of being.  Ensure your success with a 6-month one-on-one coaching program; includes weekly 1-hour coaching sessions, three defined competencies and a clearly defined development plan. You will also have unlimited text and email support to help you stay accountable and on track.

Get Better Results
Get Better Results.  SkillKit for Leaders™, Self-Study Toolkit

Bosses, managers, and business owners are responsible for producing results – bottom-line results.  How they go about doing that depends upon their leadership approach. Leadership is the process of influencing others for maximum effectiveness and efficiency, towards the achievement of common goals.

The secret to being a great boss and getting better results through building authentic relationships.  If you want to get better results for your company then investing in your leadership skills is guaranteed to be time and money well spent.  

You are an expert at running your business and providing your products and services to your company.  We are here to help you get even better results by providing you with the guidance you need to be a better Boss, Leader and Manager.  

The Skillkit for Leaders ™ developed by Diane Foster & Associates, Inc. is a whole-systems approach to talent management based upon normative data from Harvard’s leadership studies core competency theory. This toolkit is an annual subscription that can be used as a self-study guide or with coaching support; it is designed to help you master your personal leadership competencies.  Enterprise pricing for teams and departments is also available upon request.

Staff Development Trainings

Our highly experiential, in-person training is delivered to include a variety of practical learning methodologies. Participants will have extensive opportunity to “learn by doing” where they practice skills and receive feedback from instructors. All trainings can be reinforced through one-on-one coaching after said training. Please refer to our coaching proposal. 

Learning content focused on topics related to human dynamics in the workplace can be delivered solely online, or using a blended learning approach. For our online learning, we use a customized approach that takes the best practices of classroom learning, and combines it with the ease and consistency of online learning to create an experiential “patent-pending” approach unlike any other current e-Learning available. These topics are best suited for individual contributors, supervisors, and entry-level managers.           

Pre-Designed Training Workshops                

  • Workshop Title: Emotional Intelligence for Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
  • Workshop Title: Resiliency Workshop for Managers, Supervisors and Employees
  • Workshop Title: Competent Communication Skills Training for Managers, Supervisors and Employees
  • Workshop Title: Emerging Leader Training – help your new manager or supervisor take their leadership skills to the next level                     

Custom Designed Training Workshops Available upon Request

3-day Business Breakthrough Retreats
Custom Corporate and Board Retreats

Our team of highly qualified leadership development consultants is experienced in designing and facilitating transformational retreats to meet your organization’s needs. Whether you are looking for a unique board retreat, and executive strategic planning retreat, or an emerging leadership development program we will use our whole-system whole-person developmental approach to design an effective change management program.

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