Start with Just One Thing
And stop sabotaging your goals once and for all.

In this two-hour workshop, learn the real reason why it’s so darn difficult to change.

We all know how the story goes…

You’re deeply committed to making a change.  This is something that would make a huge difference in the quality of your life, your health, your relationships, your business, your career advancement, you name it.

You’ve got the latest app, read the books, joined the gym.  You’ve invested hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on the latest gimmick, certification, or online training program that’s gonna hold you accountable.  Heck, maybe you even hired a coach! 

You swear this time it’s gonna be different.  This time you’re really gonna make it happen. 

You start off strong.  You’re feeling good about the progress you’re making. Things are really looking up. You’ve made it a week!  Maybe two. 

But then… ever so slowly… subtly… something happens. Mysteriously that change you wanted to make has gradually begun to fade into the background.  That change/goal you were set on making now seems irrelevant. Trivial really.  It just wasn’t all that important you tell yourself in a half-a-dozen different excuses. You’ve got a perfectly logical reason why making this change no longer makes sense.

Now, what once was a deep desire has slid to the back of your closet like those long-forgotten shoes you once had to have.   

Sound familiar?  Well, you’re in good company if it does.  It’s human nature to stick with what is familiar.  Staying with the status quo is more comfortable than putting in the time and effort necessary to make new habits stick.

But, that’s not the ONLY reason making a change is doggone hard!

We are creators of habit, and patterning is part of our very evolutionary nature. We prefer comfort over discomfort, the familiar over the unfamiliar even if what’s familiar isn’t good for us.  The very thing that has enabled us to survive as a species also work against when we are trying to make a change.  

The latest research says that it takes 66 consecutive days to develop a new habit, but for most of us sticking to something for 66 consecutive days is next to impossible!

Thanks to the latest brain-based research there are some things you can do to hack your brain-biases, re-write a new story for yourself, and start achieving your true potential.

In this two-hour workshop you will learn:

  • The science behind why people don’t change
  • The art of making of how to make real change possible
  • How to identify and unlock self-sabotaging patterns
  • Learn how to develop new habits that last
  • Learn the difference between goals and intentions
  • Walk through a four-step process that will have you saying “ah ha!”

In this two-hour live in-person or virtual workshop, you will learn once and for all why it’s so difficult to make your goals and life changes stick, and what you can do about it. 

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